Hydrogen Hub Potential

A Feasibility Study for the Regina-Moose Jaw Industrial Corridor
Volume 6, Issue 1
Avril, 2024
Par Dave Anthony, Dwayne Pattison, Michael Sulatisky, Noha Razek

This report explores the potential for Saskatchewan’s Regina-Moose Jaw Industrial Corridor (RMJIC) to produce, use, and export low GHG hydrogen, thereby reducing emissions and contributing to the economy of the province. A ‘hydrogen hub’ in the RMJIC could build on the existing refinery that currently produces and uses hydrogen, the proven CO2 storage in the region, the wind and solar potential of southern Saskatchewan, and the province’s vast uranium resource.

While there are also challenges to be addressed, including the development of infrastructure for CCUS and pure hydrogen transport and storage, the region’s assets point to the potential for the RMJIC to produce low cost, low GHG hydrogen as an energy carrier and industrial feedstock for domestic and export markets.


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Anthony, D., Pattison, D., Sulatisky, M., and Razek, N.A. (2023). Hydrogen Hub Potential: A Feasibility Study for the Regina-Moose Jaw Industrial Corridor. Transition Accelerator Reports Volume 6, Issue 1, Pg. 1-103. ISSN 2562-6264. Version 1.